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The Book of Slaw: Songs from My Great Aunt Coleslaw (Chapter V)

by Elk Minister

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(Great Aunt Coleslaw) it’s forever a daunting task the ultimate choice of life and immortality dark corners making nightmares true retroactive demise turning sideways without a choice i diminish myself so much and so often that i have a hard finding the true instruction of the time and even when I try my best I found that a certain something is replacing me what to do or what to say? I feel when I walk along the river I shall too see the day and if i whistle a cloud underwater will you join me on my wedding day? where kindgs and created and where princes find the idea of immortality the queens forgiving not the blood of the castle but the interior of the ruins the magical course of events where the best dogs in town lay their heads to go down to sleep encouraging events of rotten strawberries to take charge of their own motives and for what? for the grace of man to chase his own identity through the sea and self destructive wilderness to be found of emptiness to the point of survival to cherish the search and the gluttony on the streets of Boston across the mountains to south paris along the crescent moon i see you dancing and singing on the flowers to an irregular sound applauding what you do to find common ground on the stark shallow the corner of the mind are you there where the silence had disrupted once again the choice to be free vs the fate of a shining butterfly lying on its back in a field of grass chasing lovers in the sunset to deny nature would be the true love in the universe to be all you need a drink of toffee or two as the child basks in the gloominess and forever daunting task of nature to be be walking on something similar to nothing would be game of togetherness and to remember the joy of winter sunsets fading at times not comprehended in the state of happiness triggered by nostalgia, memory, and an impotence I can not even imagine who am I in the world of fire burning to the ground but not an ant but like a dragon using its tongue to sneak into the shade of mellowness as old as a dinosaur the illusion of time seeks the self destructive cause to bring light to others in the yellow caves of man where art is more than a smile but an act of creation built in the whole of life tormenting like a can of excellence sold in the discount aisle of a sleepy maple town on the corner of two parallel roads unity among the grace of god not challenged by a nature at all but welcomed with opening arms like a relative lost on christmas morning to be found in the golden gifts of presents that would be presented by mom and dad chasing the idea and dream of a childs idea of santa clause oh what a joy to be young again without fear or worry of retribution that can be taken away with a simple act or memory the one that began as a whisper but ended as a shout but if we claim to be around then we will be worse than the most awesome of awesome men in the field of immaturity do we not deny the thoughts of the gods that were paid in full upon delivery was the soul bought with something special or was it bought with nothing more but the last of us did we chase memories for happiness? and ending up losing ourselves in the process? the current normal state of being out of tune and needing to be delivered and be arranged for pickup the elements of my existence is not but just an illusion or shadow but more like a destiny that is delivered upon notice without your interference and minor qualities augmented by nothing more but a mere step into the light reaching and transporting your own energy towards something else imagined by your own idea of yourself im sorry for the lack of understanding or for the inaccuracies bringing the total to twenty remember the twenty tablets we banged on an open door and waiting for you at the entrance of the gate a ticket received and mentioned on nothing more than a deep paper cut of life a small little nothing a hole in my head bringing the total to everyone its something we should think about more often the cloak of my contentment the choice of reality dissonance former self choosing two reasons to live one for the love and one for the love of everything and a secret hidden reason that shall by at will of the monster the one we call society the bridge over the rocks in the river bringing it all together for nothing but a drink with time how I would love to be young again the higher choice self promoting self and whats wrong with that? the ultimate call for survival and self prophecy i am your destiny you are my son you are my daughter you are the flower of death you are the all in every creation you are the one within the ego you are the one in the mirror you are the dream of my resentment and now I thank you with all and everything


released May 19, 2018


all rights reserved



Elk Minister Denver, Colorado

Elk Minister was born in a log cabin deep in the forest of the upstate region. While being raised by his mother and his Uncle Radcliffe, Elk Minister developed an affinity and love towards music, philosophy, and science. At age seven, Elk Minister was writing and recording his own songs on a homemade tape recorder built by his uncle. In 1999, he wrote an opera with his imaginary friend Gerald. ... more

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