The Book of Slaw: Songs from My Great Aunt Coleslaw (Chapter II)

by Elk Minister

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"My Great Aunt Coleslaw lived many lifetimes over the course of her existence. To her knowledge she had met well over four million people, each of whom she could recall from memory and tell lengthy stories about. Her words on Chapter II are a small portal into the emotion that she helped captured in all the people she has introduced to The Slaw.”

The music and lyrics on The Book of Slaw: Songs from My Great Aunt Coleslaw (Chapter II) were composed by Great Aunt Coleslaw. Thankful for Elk Minister's companion Gerald, he is able to communicate with Great Aunt Coleslaw and her spirit where her consciousness is trapped, the year 3144 A.D.

The Book of Slaw: Songs From My Great Aunt Coleslaw is a year long project dedicated to the life of Elk Minister’s Great Aunt Coleslaw. The 26 albums will be released every two weeks in 2018, now dubbed The Year of The Elk. The release schedule follows a strict 28 day, 13 month calendar based around the 13 zodiac signs. This calendar, lwas created by Great Aunt Coleslaw in her first lifetime when she studied with Pythagoras of Samos.


released February 24, 2018

All words and music composed by Great Aunt Coleslaw

Spoken Word by Elk Minister
MayaBoard by Elk Minister


all rights reserved



Elk Minister Denver, Colorado

Elk Minister was born in a log cabin deep in the forest of the upstate region. While being raised by his mother and his Uncle Radcliffe, Elk Minister developed an affinity and love towards music, philosophy, and science. At age seven, Elk Minister was writing and recording his own songs on a homemade tape recorder built by his uncle. In 1999, he wrote an opera with his imaginary friend Gerald. ... more

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Track Name: The Book of Slaw: Songs from My Great Aunt Coleslaw (Chapter II)
Chapter 2
(Great Aunt Coleslaw)

illuminating sadness
like torn fathers and cigarette buns
empty trash can of greatness
drenched in alcoholic molecular science

eyes electrically swollen
manipulating tomorrow for the scent of new showers

bug me in the morning
with coffee can in hand
release the dreams of majestic winter

waves draining declaring shadows on yesterday
blonde ambition
path chosen

expecting nothing
recieving nothing
remaining happy

under yellow fire
enclosing blue dragons
under mother tongues

ocean waves declaring shadows on yesterdays tomorrow

an assumption assault memory gang
breaking pianos lifting child out of poverty

silver and free like the wolf in the circle
a planetary guidance lifting bridges from halloween

costumes galore
not for the sink full of costume chocolate
not real
not of this earth
some other place on a 8 string house of cotton

becoming instruments of choice on a plane with the pencils
traveling through the myst of memory

discovering lantern space tots in homes of grandfather

blue eating
moon eating the earth
rings of saturn
circle saturn
sounds of summer
circle saturn

autumn ocean skyline
revealing too many fish even for the starving village

red beaded necklace perched up on houses of chaos
manipulating music

frequent ratios hurt vibrations

the blue clawed crab crawling on the floor of the ocean
finding cans of golf ringed jewelry for the pleasure of the old men
who sits on their chairs
drinking silent cups of tea

out of tune
out of time


the quitting child becomes the old man on the bench looking for his children


new taste buds
new needles
new smiles chasing friends over ponds of duck powder

without green frogs in the fires burning
down the street
I see you
I see you
i see you

not knowing how to read
not knowing how to think
i take a little bit of you
and throw you in the brink of existence
creating new symbols of paper proofs
for no one but myself

what I life i lead
what a dream i have
to fulfill my discovery seed
i see you
i see you

its usually nothing
not more or less
just a drop in the ocean
in the pot of soup that boils on the river
just a drop in the ocean that boils on the river

of fire tires turns wires into relenting scenes of banana floating nothingness

spotted nothing but nothingness
books about shelves
shelves without the books

falling over each other
tripping over feet
encased in urges of blood pills


im covered
im covered in blood
deserted with blood
decimated in blood

falling for your
i think im falling for you

theres a woman in a field
taking food from the ground
to feed her loved ones
nothing needed besides her loved ones

connecting dots of cans
and pears
and boots
and shoes
and zoos
you lose

i don’t even know who we are anymore

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