The Book of Slaw: Songs from My Great Aunt Coleslaw (Chapter I)

by Elk Minister

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"My Great Aunt Coleslaw is a very important spirit on this planet. She was a part of my family and helped raise me with my mother and Uncle Radcliffe.  But truth be told, there are hundreds of other people who have lived through her many lifetimes who also call her family. She spent hundreds of years on this Earth documenting her personal poetic truth of this world in poetry, prose, and lyrical interpretation. I consider it an honor to read her poetry behind the one of a kind instrument Maya Board, which was constructed with her schematics and is used exclusively on Chapter I. "

The music and lyrics on The Book of Slaw: Songs from My Great Aunt Coleslaw (Chapter I) were composed by Great Aunt Coleslaw. Thankful for Elk Minister's companion Gerald, he is able to communicate with Great Aunt Coleslaw and her spirit where her consciousness is trapped, the year 3144 A.D.

The Book of Slaw: Songs From My Great Aunt Coleslaw is a year long project dedicated to the life of Elk Minister’s Great Aunt Coleslaw. The 26 albums will be released every two weeks in 2018, now dubbed The Year of The Elk. The release schedule follows a strict 28 day, 13 month calendar based around the 13 zodiac signs. This calendar, like all the music and lyrics on The Book of Slaw was created by Great Aunt Coleslaw when she studied with Pythagoras of Samos.


released January 26, 2018

All words and music composed by Great Aunt Coleslaw

Spoken Word by Elk Minister
MayaBoard by Elk Minister


all rights reserved



Elk Minister Denver, Colorado

Elk Minister was born in a log cabin deep in the forest of the upstate region. While being raised by his mother and his Uncle Radcliffe, Elk Minister developed an affinity and love towards music, philosophy, and science. At age seven, Elk Minister was writing and recording his own songs on a homemade tape recorder built by his uncle. In 1999, he wrote an opera with his imaginary friend Gerald. ... more

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Track Name: Chapter 1
childhood failure
decline of man

withholding light
bright orange creamsicle
drowned in morning dew of purple dyed water

tangled bright hair filling government cascades of shredded beef
in grandma taking tumbling diaries into houses
belonging to aunt dave and uncle mary

fading sheets in metallica ambulances
watching families cover the blankets
sister roberta drinks clouds in white tangling shoes

condescending exuberant hush towards seven circle frogs
without holding ashes

all goldfish exit sideways
in sideways exit tuesday
as rabbits become rectangles

every loving child forced unseen treasure troves of excellence
while grandfather hides in his clock

a window barely open
the barley barely torn
as the child seeks out divinity
from nothing that is worn

withholding nothing on a daily cruise
on water on the flowers
that becomes the daily ruse
your eyes become the flowers
as the children seek their soul
as a dinosaur becomes certain
never changing on the floor

emptiness drinks something sweet
to mask the taste of man
for everything is neat

died blue purple nine
it is what you will decide
to be far from what you do
i say hello from me to you

all of everything I see is lost
not with standing chance
its lost

is it in?
or is it out?
help me find it when i shout

afraid of prompted unions
organizing assemblies of countless struggles
help me find it
help me find it

principled people proclaiming providences

at the edge of town
in a little bench
on the side street
looking up now
meeting eyes
bleeding eyes

enter colonial new freedom
subversive leanings cooperative

i now solo

civil service

dead statesman promoting public ideas
making monopolies from social ideals

raining down one hundred national speedy oceans of sinister chaotic
mesmerizing beams of yellow white light

as the fire burns in the wood on the beach
smoke signals summarizing several seeds of obscenities

people dying from disease
oceans never seeming to succeed
carry dreams into the sea

blue light becomes me

national credit moral payment
insighted nonsense
possible laws broken

sympathetic immunities
considering respectful privileges
sacrificing corporate duties

proposing associations
detecting mortifications

protective fidelity
interstate labor


elective mechanics riding moons of silver slades
turns your head around to find real need
children that will question
adults that think they know
baboon 6 1 4 2

they pledged the sacred due
not one not two not three not four

remove the institution
pledge the sacred league

fulfill a character
become the seed
open up the platform where everyone will meet

to not become a person that is a lofty goal
to look inside the masses to steal their souls

inexpensive opposition reliant on the state
preservation assembly doth also express late
independence the designation
objectable to the salty things I always taste when it touches my tongue

confident and sincere
impartial if thats true
i know who i am now
do you know you

committing actual invasion of elective responsible known desires
regarded as inclined to oppose myself

victory was intact a principle leading

i am now one appointed chosen delivered successful
like a loose cannon exploding devoting promoting an expense

repealed organized unnecessary and reshipped
stamped leaders promoted by the union resolutions of wishes granted by the government organized
overboard petitions ignored one over the other
without the least claim of permanence

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